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Vivi Ornitier

Vivi is the second youngest and undoubtedly most pensieve member of the party. The game starts with Vivi on a grand adventure to Alexandria, to see a play called I want to Be Your Canary (performed by Tantalus). When a fake ticket forces him to follow Puck into the castle through the rooftops, he is swept off on a real adventure with the gang.

Vivi's past is shrouded in mystery: he remembers being, quite literally, "fished out of the sky" by his "Grandfather", a member of the Qu clan residing just outside of Treno. He was brought up by this Qu, taught and well nourished. After his Grandfather died he left for Alexandria, where our story begins.

If there is one thing that Vivi lacks, it's physical strength. However, he makes up for this lack of strength with extremely powerful magical attacks. Vivi's magic is, undoubtedly, a life-saver in many situations. Coupled with his "Focus" skill, that raises his magical strength, he can bring down many enemies with one swift blow.

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