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The epic tale of Final Fantasy 9 takes place in the world of Gaia, a peaceful and wonderful world. In Gaia, there are 4 ruling kingdoms: Alexandria, Lindblum, Burmecia and Cleyra. Up until you start your game, each one of these nations had been working with and helping each other through the ages. However, a strange man has been prowling Alexandria castle, and Princess Garnet's mother seems to have been acting strange as of late. Trouble is brewing.

As soon as he hears of this, Regent Cid of Lindblum hires the Tantalus performing troup/band of thieves to kidnap Garnet and bring her back to Lindblum. So it is that the rescue mission begins, as the theater ship floats towards Alexandria Bay.

Suddenly, Vivi, a friendly black mage, comes into the picture. After some careful planning, Vivi reaches the castle, where the play begins. Soon, Zidane and his friend Blank head into the castle to capture Princess Garnet, only to find that she wants to leave the castle. They chase her onto the theater ship and make a hasty getaway, with the Princess' reluctant bodyguard, Captain Steiner, onboard.

After being pummelled by Queen Brahne's cannons and bomb, the theater ship still makes it out of Alexandria, although badly damaged. It does not go far, however, and eventually lands in the Evil Forest. The company barely escapes this petrifying forest, and goes through many a trouble along the way to a safe haven. Finally, they reach Lindblum, where Regent Cid awaits...

Final Fantasy 9 Final Fantasy 9

Final Fantasy IX
Developer Squaresoft
Publisher Square Japan, Square EA, Infogames
Genre Role Playing Game
Medium CD (4 discs)
Platform Playstation

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