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Princess Garnet / Dagger

Princess Garnet Til Alexandros XVII / Dagger Young, beautiful, caring and extremely naive, Princess Garnet (a.k.a. Dagger) is the heir to the throne of Alexandria and the love-interest in Final Fantasy 9. With the coming of one certain theater / thieving troup intent on helping her escape from a confusion-filled, Dagger heads off on an adventure that will easily change the world. Always there and always truthful, she easily becomes one of the most important characters in this story.

Dagger can always remember being the Princess of Alexandria, and knows that in the future she will become the queen of the beautiful land. Her dreams have been haunted by a disastrous storm in a far-away village recently, however. What this means she does not know, but she does know that she must uphold her Royal duty to the last.

Dagger wields a rod or a "racket" of sorts (which throws a ball of energy-stuff at the enemy) which, to be completely honest, is extremely weak. Her strength does not lie in physical attacks, however. Dagger is adept at the art of White Magic, and has the power to control Eidolons, or summons. These abilities are extremely powerful, and allow for easy destruction of any enemy that may come upon your path.

Summoning Eidolons

The princess can learn to summon powerful Eidolons by equipping gemstones until she gains enough AP to summon the deity on her own. Most of her summoning involves powerful elemental and non-elemental attacks. Eidolons will not always appear during a summons. They always appear the first time you summon them, and thereafter the chance of them appearing during the summons is random. Usually, they just send their weapon to do the dirty work.

When the Eidolon appears during the summon animation, the attack is nearly twice as powerful. When Dagger summons an Eidolon while tranced the summon attack reoccurs automatically. Dagger can raise an Eidolon's attack power by using the Boost ability.

Summoning Secrets

Dagger's Odin summons has a certain percentage chance to cause instant DEATH to an enemy. However, if Odin fails to cause death, no damage is inflicted whatsoever unless the "Odin's Sword" support ability is equipped. This causes wind damage to all enemies in case instant DEATH fails to occur. The formula for the chance to cause instant DEATH is:

[Dagger's magic power/4 + difference between Daggers' Level and Monsters' Level]

The Atomos summons has a different attack percentage depending on whether the full animation or just the partial animation is shown:

[Full animation = (30 + # of Amethysts)% of enemy's HP]
[Short animation = 2/3 of Full animation formula]

The strength of other summons will increase depending on the type and number of jewels in your party's inventory; the more jewels you have, the greater the strength of a particular summons. Check out the list below to view the association between a summons and a jewel.

Eidolon Jewel
Leviathan Aquamarine
Shiva Opal
Ifrit Topaz
Ramuh Peridot
Bahamut Garnet

Garnet's Eidolons

As you travel through the game, Garnet will receive a number of different Eidolons. Generally the stones required for these Eidolons are found through story events, but sometimes they are found through side-quests. To get them all, you must look everywhere!

Eidolon MP Cost Effect
[ - ] Eidolons List
Shiva 24 Causes Ice damage to all enemies
Ifrit 26 Causes Fire damage to all enemies
Ramuh 22 Causes Thunder damage to all enemies
Atomos 32 Reduces all enemies' HP by a percentage
Odin 28 Causes KO to all enemies
Leviathan 42 Causes Water damage to all enemies
Bahamut 56 Causes non-elemental damage to all enemies
Ark 80 Causes Shadow damage to all enemies

White Magic

Spell MP Cost Effect
[ - ] White Magic List
Cure 6 Restores 300+ HP, single/multiple target
Cura 10 Restores 1500+ HP, single/multiple target
Curaga 22 Restores 4000+ HP, single/multiple target
Life 8 Recovers character from KO, restores some HP
Scan 4 Determines HP, MP, and weaknesses of enemy
Panacea 4 Cures Venom and Poison status
Stona 8 Cures Petrify and Gradual Petrify
Shell 6 Reduces damage from magic attacks
Protect 6 Reduces damage from physical attacks
Silence 8 Prevents single/multiple targets from casting magic
Mini 8 Shrinks, lowers defense and attack power
Reflect 6 Reflects magic attacks back onto caster
Confuse 8 Makes single/multiple targets erratic
Berserk 6 Raises attack strength, attacks uncontrollably
Blind 6 Causes Darkness, lowering physical attack accuracy
Float 6 Causes levitation, prevents earth damage

Abilities List

Name AP Learned From
[ - ] Abilities List
Shiva 20 Opal
Ifrit 20 Topaz
Ramuh 30 Peridot
Atomos 25 Amethyst
Odin 30 Dark Matter
Leviathan 40 Aquamarine
Bahamut 80 Garnet
Ark 100 Pumice
Cure 30 Magic Racket, Rod, Silk Shirt
Cura 50 Healing Rod, Barette
Curaga 155 Wizard Rod, Whale Whisker
Life 30 Mythril Rod, Healing Rod, Whale Whisker, Rebirth Ring, Cachusha
Scan 25 Air Racket, Desert Boots
Panacea 15 Air Racket, Rod
Stona 25 Multina Racket
Shell 35 Multina Racket, Mythril Racket, Mythril Rod, Wizard Rod, Cotton Robe, Gold Choker, Moonstone
Protect 30 Mythril Racket, Rod, Wizard Rod, Steepled Hat, Desert Boots
Silence 30 Priest's Racket, Mythril Rod, Asura's Rod, Magic Armlet
Mini 40 Magic Racket, Asura's Rod, Feather Boots
Reflect 20 Mythril Racket, Stardust Rod, Reflect Ring, Ruby
Confuse 35 Asura's Rod, Lamia's Tiara
Berserk 30 Magic Racket
Blind 40 Multina Racket, Magician Shoes
Float 20 Stardust Rod, Feather Boots
Auto-Reflect 75 Reflect Ring
Auto-Float 20 Feather Boots
Auto-Haste 55 Running Shoes
Auto-Regen 35 Golden Hairpin, Light Robe, Angel Earrings, Maiden's Prayer
Auto-Life 105 Rebirth Ring
MP+20% 45 Angel Earrings
Healer 30 Healing Rod, Anklet, Garnet
Chemist 15 Cotton Robe, Madain's Ring, Barette
Reflect-Null 45 Robe of Lords, Pearl Rouge
Concentrate 55 Robe of Lords, Rosetta Ring
Half MP 125 Light Robe, Protect Ring
High Tide 30 Jade Armlet, Dark Hat, Gaia Gear, Minerva's Plate, Sapphire
Body Temp 25 Jade Armlet, Holy Miter, Madain's Ring, Fairy Earrings, Diamond
Level Up 30 Egoist's Armlet, Rosetta Ring, Fairy Earrings, Pearl Rouge, Extension
Ability Up 60 Stardust Rod, Green Beret, Silk Robe, Cachusha, Ribbon, Lapis Lazuli
Insomniac 25 Bandana, Holy Miter, Magician Cloak, Gaia Gear, Coral Ring
Antibody 15 Glass Armlet, Mantra Band, Survival Vest, Glass Buckle
Loudmouth 20 Mage's Hat, Golden Hairpin, Silk Robe, White Robe, Pearl Rouge
Jelly 40 Dragon Wrist, Circlet, Bronze Vest, Dark Gear
Auto-Potion 20 Mythril Vest, Demon's Vest, Magician's Robe, White Robe, Running Shoes, Gold Choker, Extension
Locomotion 30 Black Hood, Golden Skullcap, Survival Vest, Demon's Vest, Anklet
Clear Headed 25 Magic Armlet, Lamia's Tiara, Green Beret, Circlet, Dark Gear, Magician Shoes
Boost 190 Pumice Piece
Odin's Sword 50 Ancient Aroma

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